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Can Openers

 CanDo Can Opener

One of the necessities of life, seems to be a good can opener. When in need of a new one, you usually just walk into your local department store and buy the can opener that catches your eye. You head home, unwrap it and stick it on the counter. The next time you can’t wait to get a can of soggy vegetables open, you stick the can under business end of the can opener and push a button. You should hear a weird motor noise, the can should turn and you should then be able to peer in at the mushy goodness. The should is the part where I stop.

A Little Background

I better tell you a couple of things about myself before I dive right in. First, I love, love, love kitchen gadgets. I live in an apartment and might not have room for a bigger tv or a dining room table but I will have every kitchen appliance known to man. Second, I like to shop the clearance rack, yard sales or any other place I can get a bargin. This may be more of a necessity than a like but it is still important. Finally, I do not get along with electric can openers. There, I said it. Finally admitting defeat. One would think a disabled person would want an electric can opener. Trust me, I have had many. Every time, I try and try to get it to work. I end up sitting and staring at the can until someone comes and opens it for me. Oooh, they made it look so easy…  Anyway, I had resorted to having a regular, manual,  twist a handle type can opener. My hands are bad. So, on good days I could open the can but on bad days I couldn’t. I was however, resigned to fate. Until…

The CanDo Can Opener

So, the story of the CanDo can opener started out with an ordinary trip to Kroger. My grandfather can no longer drive and I look after him a few days a week. This includes the required weekly trip to 10 different grocery stores. As you can imagine, I get really bored following around his cart, playing warden, as he affectionately calls me. No, for the hundredth time, you can not buy a can of chilli. (He is on a low sodium diet and wants to live to be a hundred.) Anyway, the highlite of my Kroger trip is always a detour past the clearance racks. One day, I looked down and saw one of the as seen on TV boxes peeking out of a shopping basket. I picked it up and it said, CanDo Can Opener, as seen on TV. It also said it could open jars, cans, bottles, tabs, and those annoying metal pry lids that you find on nuts. It grandly claimed that it could do maxium work with minium effort. I laughed. I never believe in those as seen on TV items. They are usually junk and over priced. However, if the price is right, I can’t help myself and buy them. I glanced at the price tag and decided it was worth the laugh it would surely bring me. So, I tossed it in the cart, brought it home and forgot about it.

Then one day, I really wanted a can of soup but no one was home and I could not work the “bad” can opener. I happened to remember the CanDo and dug it out of a drawer. I read over the meager instructions and set about opening the can. First thing, place CanDo on top of can as pictured. Then slowly turn the handle clock wise. To my amazement, the can opened and my hand didn’t hurt. I then carried the lid, still attached to the CanDo, to the trash can. I turned the handle in reverse and the lid fell into the garbage. I was immediately hooked. Over time, I slowly tested out all of its other features. My CanDo quickly became my GoTo tool for the kitchen. I could never open the pop tabs, like on a can of soda. Now I could. Those annoying nut can lids, done. Need a jar open? Just pop the edges with the CanDo and it will open right up. Soda bottles? Yup, it will twist those right open.

Now, I know you probably have an electric can opener that you love but…. Will it work in a power outage? Will it open a bottle of soda or a jar? Can you take it on a picnic? The answer is no. I can not tell you it will be easier than an electric can opener because I truly have no idea but I can tell you that it would make a welcome addition to any kitchen. It is especially helpful for people who have trouble with their hands. The turning of the handle does not require you to grasp anything or to twist your wrist at all. It CanDo in actionprovides a good amount of leverage with very little effort. It is compact, fits in a drawer and is a multitool. The only problems I have had with it is it leaves the edge of the can a bit sharp and it cuts a small strip of paper off the top of the can. If you don’t grab it right away, it can end up in the can. These things have never bothered me. I don’t stick my hand in the can and I am not worried about a small strip of paper. However, it seems it did bother one person enough to comment on it. What  I can tell you is that I will happily trade these minor non problems for the amount of independence it gave me back. It helped move me from disabled to differently abled. And, NO, no one paid me to say this. I truly love my CanDo can opener.

If you would like to see it in action check out the video below. It is a little cheesy but it definitely shows it in action. If you decide you would like one, you can check your local stores that carry as seen on TV items but I have not seen them for awhile. I found one on Amazon for about 5 bucks.

The Promised Video

I hope to find other great can openers and will update this post when I do. If you have a can opener you love, please comment or email me and let me know.

Happy opening stuff!



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