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Over the years, I have talked to many people with disabilities. One thing has become abundantly clear to me, we all have closets full of products that don’t work and a long list of services that are useless. This often leaves a large hole in our wallets and a sinking feeling in our guts. This is where I plan to help you. I will review products and services that I believe may be helpful for people with varying disabilities and may occasionally throw in a few reviews just for laughs. We all need laughs, right?

How I Create My Reviews


Like many of you, when I see a new product that might make my life a little easier, I get really excited. I used to just buy it and then most of the time it ended up on the bottom of my closet. I finally started spending hours researching the item before even thinking of buying it. So, lucky for you all, I have started compiling all that helpful information into neat little reviews for your reading pleasure. I will always let you know if I decided to purchase the item or service and why or why not. If I purchased it, I will provide you with all the juicy details of how it did or did not help and even include some pictures. My goal is to not only provide you with a general review but also how it will help you with certain disabilities.

The Nitty Gritty


I am not a doctor and can not provide you with medical advice. However, my hope is to be able to help you with the more mundane tasks of daily life. Perhaps making you smile along the way. If I have reviewed a product or service that you currently use, please leave me a comment with your insight. I need all the help I can get 🙂 If there is a something you would like to see reviewed, please email me. I will thank you up and down for providing me with ideas to write about! Also, please be patient with me. Due to my disabilities, there are many days when I am not up to working on this site. I will always respond to any questions or concerns as quickly as I am able to.

About the author

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am in my mid 30's and physically disabled. I run this blog to share my experiences and hopefully help a few people out. To find out more about me, check out my about me page. Please enjoy my site and let me know what you think.

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