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February 26th, 2015 2 Comments

Are You Looking For A Way To Make Extra Money From The Internet?

In case you have landed on this page first, I will introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I became physically disabled about 5 years ago. As anyone one in my predicament, as well as others, can understand, cash can be pretty tight. Especially when you can not work and you are waiting to win your disability case. I don’t know about anyone else but between being called a liar by a judge and an overburdened court system, it took me forever to win my case. Even after winning, I find I am still considerably lacking in funds.

I know I couldn’t work a real job. So, I decided to apply my love of all things DIY to my finances. I quickly learned that there were tons of ways to make little bits of money on the internet by using my computer, tablet or smart phone. I soon began to realize that many little bits of money could really add up to larger sums of money and by using my phone, I could make money from anywhere. Today, I want to tell you all about one of my absolute favorite ways to make easy cash online. It is quick and easy when I am tired. It is easy to see when my eyes are acting up, requires very minimal brain power and all I have to be able to do is click a mouse. You can’t get much easier than that.




InstantCashSweepstakes, or ICS, is a marketing research company owned by Ask Your Target Market. Like a survey site, they ask market research type of questions. However, that is where the similarity ends. They utilize very quick to answer surveys, with the majority of the surveys being 3 easy to answer questions. Many of them are submitted by individuals users and can be quite silly. For example, one I see often is, what is your favorite ice cream sudae topping?

Survey ExampleOccassionally, there will be a survey with a few more questions. These are from companies looking for people’s honest answers. These companies pay ICS and allow us to get paid in return. They also offer the opportunity to complete video surveys. I am never real keen on doing anything that shows me in a video but ICS makes it pretty painless. You many not see this opportunity right away. It took me a few weeks before they offered it. Once they did, I recorded a short, 60 second video of myself talking about how much I like ICS and why I would be a good reviewer. I got paid a dollar for the intial video but am still waiting to be offered a real review. Even though I haven’t been able to do any more reviews, I did get paid 1 dollar for 1 minute of my time. Is that not a good deal or what?

How Do I Earn Money?


Earning money is important, right? Well, luckily, ICS is fairly straight forward. There are a few ways to do it. As I mentioned above, the main way is to take surveys. In the beginning, everyone starts out a a Trust Level score of 1. At level 1, you can take 5 surveys per playing session and you get a new playing session every 3 hours. There is even a box you can check to get a reminder email when it is time to play.

shows reminder email screen

For every survey, you earn tickets, coins and usually once per session cash. The tickets are automatically entered into a $50 drawing every 24 hours. Now, don’t get your hopes too high, it is pretty much like the lottery. I can tell you that people do actually get paid though. I have never been that lucky but personally know someone who has. The coins you use can be entered into a drawing for $2, held every 4 hours, or they can be used to purchase tickets for the $50 lottery. Even though I have won the $2 drawing a few times, it is still akin to playing the lottery. The more often you play, the quicker you will move up Trust Levels. With each increase, you earn more tickets, more coins and get to take move surveys. The picture below, shows one of my winnings after a survey.


The second way you can earn is through the video reviews I mentioned above. They seem to be fairly rare but they do pay cash when they are available. However, the best way to earn cash is by getting refferals to join. You do not get a sign up bonus per person but what you get is even better. ICS will give you matching rewards with everything your referral wins, except the $50 jackpot. So, everytime they play, you at least win tickets and coins. This greatly increases your chances of winning the lottery. Everytime they win change after a survey or the $2 drawing, you win the matching amount. I know it seems like you are not earning much at one time but if you can get several of your family members or friends playing, it adds up quick. My grandfather is one of my best earners!

How Do I Get Paid?

Proof of Payment

If your anything like me, the most important thing to know is, how do I get paid? ICS is fairly straight forward. With just a couple clicks of the mouse, your money is on its way to you. Unfortunately for some, they only pay to PayPal. To set up a free account, click here. PayPal can transfer money to a free debit card or to your bank account. So, once you get the money there, it is easy to spend. The only stipulation they have is that you must reach $2 before cashing out. Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to reach their $2 cash out. When I signed up, I got a $1 sign up bonus and within just a couple of days, I cashed out. The email to the bottom right, shows the cash out I requested while writing this article on February 26, 2015 at about 2:30. The top right picture shows the transaction details from my PayPal account. As you can see, I received the funds less than 24 hours later. The blacked out areas are simply details that could allow some dirty buggers to have a little too much information about me.



ICS descriptive screen

Any Negative Things I Need To Know?


As I stated above, you will not earn armfuls of cash, you must live in the US, and you must have a free PayPal account. Other than that, I can not really come up with anything truly negative to say. It is so easy my grandfather can use it and it has paid me multiple times. I have never had to hunt down my payment as I have had to do with several other survey sites and the surveys are plenty easy. While this opportunity may never pay your bills, it can surely buy you a cup of Starbucks or fill in a small gap in your bills. One thing to keep in mind, You must play once every few weeks or ICS will send you an email saying they will erase your account if you don’t log in soon. Truly not a big deal but just remember to cash out first if you decide to stop playing or go on an extended vacation.

Want To Try It Out?

If you think this opportunity of a life time,ummm, I mean opportunity to earn some spare cash to feed your ridiculous small kitchen appliance obsession, wait, I mean perfectly sensible Starbucks cravings. You can sign up here. If you have any questions, comments of experiences with ICS, I would love to hear about them. As I stated above, I am disabled and do have bad days. So, please be patient and I promise I will get back to you as soon as I am physically able to.

All The Best!




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Hi, my name is Nicole. I am in my mid 30's and physically disabled. I run this blog to share my experiences and hopefully help a few people out. To find out more about me, check out my about me page. Please enjoy my site and let me know what you think.

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Hi Nicole,
I use ICS too. Definitely don’t earn enough to pay any bills, but when you have no income like me, it’s a good way to help out. All the little bits add up.

    Angela, I definitly agree that all the little bits add up. I love to kind of ignore how much I have there and then after a few months, it is like a little surprise waiting for me. Starbucks here I come. LOL